2021-2022 Pitzer Catalog 
    Apr 20, 2024  
2021-2022 Pitzer Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematical Economics

Requirements for the Major

A major in Mathematical Economics requires the successful completion of:

  1. One year of Principles of Economics (ECON 051 PZ  & ECON 052 PZ ) - AP courses do not count towards this requirement.
  2. One year of Economic Theory (ECON 104 PZ  & ECON 105 PZ )
  3. One semester of Economic Statistics (ECON 091 PZ )
  4. One semester of Econometrics (ECON 125 PZ )
  5. Two upper level courses in Economics
  6. Senior Seminar in Economics (ECON 198 PZ  ).  This course must be taken at Pitzer and in the Fall of the student’s final year.
  7. Calculus II and III: MATH 031 PZ   and MATH 032 PZ .
  8. One semester of Linear Algebra followed by one semester of either differential equations or probability. This can be satisfied by taking different sequences of courses from different Claremont Colleges. Currently, these sequences are: HMC: MATH 012 HM (Linear Algebra) and either MATH 013 HM (Differential Equations) or MATH 062 HM (Intermediate Probability). CMC: MATH 060 CM (Linear Algebra) and either MATH 111 CM (Differential Equations) or MATH 151 CM (Probability). POMONA: MATH 060 PO (Linear Algebra) and either MATH 102 PO (Differential Equations and Modeling) or MATH 151 PO (Probability).
  9. Senior Seminar in Economics in the student’s final year (ECON 198 PZ )

Completion of MATH 030 PZ  or equivalent is required before taking Macroeconomic Theory and Microeconomic Theory.  Upper-level courses are those that both (1) have Economics 51 and/or Economics 52 as a prerequisite and (2) are numbered 100 or above. Please consult with an Economics advisor in advance for courses requiring only Economics 50 as a prerequisite.  Accounting and Business Law courses do not fulfill the upperlevel elective course requirement. All courses for the major must be taken for a letter grade.

Students planning to study abroad or wanting to transfer in courses taken at institutions outside of the Claremont Colleges consortium should consult with an Economics advisor beforehand. At most one economics course for the major can be taken abroad. Additionally, only two economics courses taken at an institution outside of the Claremont Colleges consortium can be counted towards the major (any course taken abroad is included in this count). Econometrics cannot be taken abroad; similarly, students wanting to take Econometrics at an institution outside the Claremont Colleges consortium must get permission in advance and confirm if the course is eligible. These limits apply to the major, combined major, special majors, and to the economics courses in the Mathematical Economics major.