2014-2015 Pitzer Catalog 
    Sep 25, 2020  
2014-2015 Pitzer Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Classics Major: Classical Studies Track

Requirements for the Major

This option is designed for students seeking a comprehensive background in ancient cultures as they plan for careers in law, medicine, business, or other fields in which a liberal arts education and strong critical thinking skills are essential. A major in Classical Studies also complements material in a range of related fields (e.g., History, English, Philosophy, Humanities, Art History, and Archaeology) and provides preparation for students planning to do graduate work in those areas.

To complete the option in Classical Studies, students are required to complete satisfactorily at least ten courses. These ten courses must include:

  • At least three courses (at least through intermediate level) in Greek, Latin, or Classical Hebrew; at least one must be numbered 100 or above.
  • At least one course from among the following: CLAS 001 PO , CLAS 060 SC , CLAS 061 SC ; HIST 010 PO ; or equivalents approved by the major adviser.
  • The remaining courses will be chosen in consultation with the major adviser, and may be drawn from offerings in Classics and related subject fields. A CLAS 191 SC -Senior Thesis  may count as one of the remaining courses.
  • Classical Studies majors should take the Senior Seminar (CLAS 190 PZ  ) in the Fall of their Senior year.