2014-2015 Pitzer Catalog 
    May 24, 2020  
2014-2015 Pitzer Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SPAN 144 PZ -Nature and Society in Latin America

Institution: Pitzer

Description: From the first colonial contact through to today, Latin America’s wealth of natural resources has been matched only by the global desire to extract and exploit those resources, with profound effects upon peoples and communities throughout the region. The social, political, and cultural debates surrounding Latin America’s relationship to western modernity are awash with representations of and reflections upon the connection between humans, corporations, nations, and nature. Through diverse media including chronicles, memoirs, novels, poetry, reports, and both fictional and documentary films, we will explore issues like extractivism, development, modernization, and activism. Taught in Spanish.

Prerequisite(s): Please check course schedule for requirements.

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